PC*MILER vs. MileMaker: What are the differences?

Mileage, rating, and route planning are critical for any business within the transportation and logistics industry. That's why it's imperative you use a mileage and routing software that provides accurate, truck-specific data based on your company's needs. MileMaker and PC*MILER are two of the top options for shippers, third-party logistics providers, freight brokers, and truckload carriers.

What are the differences?

Comparing these two popular products can help determine which is better for your business's shipping and delivery requirements. While both software offerings perform many similar functions, there are important differences in several crucial areas.


In the transportation industry, experience matters. MileMaker is powered by Rand McNally, the most trusted brand in the mapping industry. The Rand McNally legacy dates back to the late 1800s, when the company published the first railroad guide. Since then, Rand McNally has been a provider of mapping, routing, and navigation for cars and commercial vehicles, and played an integral role in implementing the highway numbering system used by Americans today.

Our MileMaker mileage and routing software incorporates this lengthy tradition of excellence and innovation, culminating in the most advanced truck-specific routing solution on the market. Our in-house team of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) experts evaluate an abundance of map and transportation data daily to generate the most accurate truck attributes and data. With hundreds of thousands of truck drivers on the road using Rand McNally navigation, we're able to constantly improve data quality so you always get the best route for your vehicle.

Customer service

While MileMaker is user-friendly and simple to start using, sometimes you still need a little help when getting started with a new transportation software product. We believe MileMaker has the edge when it comes to responsiveness to customers' needs.

MileMaker employs a U.S.-based customer service team that goes the extra mile to help users understand our product and its various features and use cases. For any urgent technical issues, our team goes above and beyond to resolve them quickly and ensure customer satisfaction.

If necessary, we'll make custom updates to our application programming interface (API) to allow for a smoother integration process. We've also made available customized software development kits (SDKs) so our customers and partners can use fewer resources and less time to integrate our mileage and routing software.

Technological innovation

Mapping and routing technology continually evolves. While PC*MILER may rely on an older interface, MileMaker makes frequent updates in response to its customers' changing needs. Examples include recent upgrades to two of the most popular MileMaker products, the MileMaker Web App and MileMaker Web Services API 2.0.


Price is a vital factor for many companies when choosing mileage and routing software. MileMaker can provide a more affordable alternative.

PC*MILER charges extra for add-ons like tolls and weather alerts. MileMaker offers a solution at a lower price, and we include many of the same additional features in our base pricing. Customers can get more for less when choosing MileMaker.

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