Route planning to fit your needs,

not the other way around.

Our mileage and routing software is available in a variety of formats to integrate with the programs and systems your team is accustomed to. With quick and easy installations, your team can start improving efficiency and reducing costs almost instantly. Future-ready and scalable, MileMaker routing and mileage software can adapt to your business’s changing requirements and new technologies.

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MileMaker Web Application

Access all the benefits of our mileage and routing software (and more) from anywhere with our cloud-based web app. Bringing together our trusted rating features with enhanced routing capabilities, the web app provides an easy-to-use, all-in-one route planning solution.
Low maintenance solution with no installation required
Intuitive, user-friendly interface — customize and save routes with drag-and-drop capability
Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
Supports multiple guide versions with additional routing features like real-time traffic, satellite maps, door-to-door driving directions, and batch routing for large quantities of origin/destination datasets
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MileMaker Web Services

Integrate our mileage and routing software with the tools your team already uses. Our web services API solutions can integrate with any third-party application.
Scalable and reliable infrastructure
Automatic software and data updates
Industry best-practices security protocols
Supports HTTPS REST and SOAP standards
Map SDK to embed map display in Javascript applications
Configure routes based on vehicle specifications, load type, and tolls 
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MileMaker Server / Standalone

Maximize the use of your current hardware and infrastructure with our on-premises solution. Formerly known as IntelliRoute, our software is compatible with a variety of operating systems. 
Supports Java, C++, C#, and VB SDK protocols
Includes Excel add-on for batch processing
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Boost productivity with MileMaker.

MileMaker software provides efficient truck routes and mileage with detailed maps and driving directions. Compare routes with insights into drive time, toll costs, fuel costs, POIs, and much more.

With MileMaker, you can:
Generate efficient door-to-door routing and mileage with customizable POIs, midpoints, and avoidances.
Save your favorite locations, vehicle profiles, and routing templates for recurrent trips. 
Determine the optimal route based on your vehicles and business needs and compare multiple routes in one view. 
Provide accurate ETAs with traffic-enabled routing, up-to-date speed limits, and more. 
Enhance fuel optimization with insights into mileage and fuel costs. 
Generate state mileage reports for IFTA compliance. 
Negotiate and streamline freight rates, payments, and audits.
Forecast freight costs and fuel surcharges.

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