Ship on Time—Rain, Snow, or Shine with MileMaker Web Application

Santa and his reindeer may steal the headlines, but to deliver the true holiday experience for customers, regardless of the holiday being celebrated, extends far beyond any one individual. Managing the increased demand of the holiday season, while still running on schedule, requires an entire ecosystem of shippers and suppliers to run seamlessly, all while navigating through a litany of obstacles that could derail the process. Navigating a successful holiday season requires utilizing routing and mileage software that can address these challenges—fortunately, the latest product from MileMaker, the MileMaker Web Application, has some brand-new features uniquely suited to tackle these challenges.

Running numerous routes seamlessly

The ability to run numerous origin/destination data sets is critical at a time of year defined by running extra routes and planning last-minute deliveries. The MileMaker Web Application comes with a batch processing feature which allows a customer to import a .csv or .xlsx file containing origin/destination pairs that contain the mileage, duration, and cost estimates based on their preferred route processing settings. Batch processing supports both Guide 19 and the newly released Guide 20 and is a critical tool in managing the bulk routing process.

Important weather and traffic information when you need it most

The late November into December timeframe is a volatile time of year weatherwise across North America. Record high or low temperatures,severe thunderstorms, major snowstorms, and other extreme types of weather can all have a major impact on route planning or the need to adjust routes on the fly. The MileMaker Web Application was recently updated with a new weather overlay feature that provides the ability to look at live radar, 22 different types of severe weather alerts, satellite & infrared view, current road conditions, temperatures, and wind speeds. These new features, combined with a live traffic feature providing real-time traffic conditions, are essential in being able to combat the worst that Mother Nature has in store for us this holiday season.

All you need is a browser

With no installation required, The MileMaker Web Application is cloud-based and allows access from anywhere to anyone with an Internet connection and a browser. It provides all the benefits of the mileage and routing software from the MileMaker family of products, while also being user-friendly, and is perfect for customizing and saving routes or making quick routing changes. Don’t let the last-minute stresses of planning for this holiday season turn you into a Grinch—the MileMaker Web Application is just one decision away.

Interested in learning more? Demos available here.