March 25, 2024

MileMaker, Powered by Rand McNally, Expands Developer Offering With New Map Software Development Kit

The new SDK allows companies to embed MileMaker’s superior mapping functionalities into their proprietary web applications for a customized experience.

CHICAGO,March 25, 2024 – MileMaker, a leading provider of commercial transportation routing, mileage, and rating software, today announced the release of its Map Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers. The toolkit will enable companies within the transportation and logistics sector to enhance their proprietary web applications with MileMaker’s best-in-class commercial vehicle-specific map tiles and route displays.

MileMaker’s Map SDK is comprised of a JavaScript code library that allows for seamless integration of interactive map displays, including several map style options and overlays of real-time weather and traffic information. Developers will have the ability to craft a fully tailored user experience within their applications without incurring additional resources or costs.

By providing access to commercial vehicle-specific mileage and routing data, MileMaker ensures that companies within the industry can deliver optimal routes that account for vehicle dimensions, weight restrictions, hazardous materials regulations, and other critical factors.

Key features of MileMaker’s SDK include:

1.     JavaScript Code Library: Available via a JavaScript library, MileMaker’s Map SDK allows for integration with other JavaScript-coded programs.

2.     Truck-Specific Data: The Map SDK harnesses MileMaker’s vast database of commercial vehicle-specific mileage and routing data, enabling developers to generate routes tailored to the unique requirements of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, and other large vehicles.

3.     Rich Mapping Functionality: Developers can leverage MileMaker’s rich set of mapping features, including real-time weather alerts, traffic updates, route optimization, and more, to enhance the functionality and user experience of their applications.  

4.     Customizable Solutions: The SDK offers flexibility for developers to customize and tailor MileMaker’s mapping features to suit the specific needs and preferences of their applications, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.  

Commenting on the launch, Eugene Feld, VP of Engineering at MileMaker, stated, “We are excited to introduce this Map SDK and expand our product offering and capabilities. Paired with MileMaker search and routing services, MileMaker Map SDK offers a simple and powerful solution for developers to incorporate location-awareness and mapping into their proprietary applications for the transportation and logistics industry.”

The MileMaker Map SDK is now available for companies seeking to elevate their applications with industry-leading commercial vehicle routing capabilities.  

To learn more about MileMaker’s routing, rating, and mileage solutions, contact MileMaker at +1-800-234-4069 or visit milemaker.com.  

About MileMaker – Chicago-based MileMaker optimizes shipping routes and mileage through innovative solutions that drive efficiency and reduce costs. With a dedicated team of GIS experts, MileMaker’s software provides over 30% more truck-specific attributes than any other routing software.

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