May 30, 2023

MileMaker, Powered by Rand McNally, Launches New Mileage and Routing Web App

The new MileMaker Web App is now available for logistics and transportation companies across North America.

CHICAGO, May 30, 2023 -- MileMaker, the commercial transportation industry standard for mileage and rating, today announced an expansion in their product portfolio with the addition of the MileMaker Web App.

Offering flexibility, efficiency, and ease of use, the cloud-based application is accessible from any device with an internet connection. The web app brings together MileMaker's trusted mileage and rating features with enhanced routing capabilities, derivative of an all-new map guide – Guide 20.

Users of the MileMaker Web App will gain access to traffic-influenced routing, satellite map overlays, door-to-door driving directions, personalization features, and a clean, intuitive interface while retaining access to the popular features of Guide 19, including Household Goods (HHG) mileage. "It was crucial for us to incorporate both Guide 19 and Guide 20 into a unified product," expressed Eugene Feld, Vice President of Engineering at MileMaker. "Our aim is to cater to the preferences of our existing customers while introducing enhanced functionalities, making our web app a flexible solution for our diverse customer base of shippers, carriers, freight brokers, and third-party logistics companies."

MileMaker's Director of Product, John Barrett, indicated the web application is beneficial for both new and existing customers. "MileMaker Web App is a sufficient standalone solution, especially for smaller fleets with fewer IT resources," said Barrett. "However, the web app also serves as a viable addition to our existing suite of solutions. Whether our customers use our on-premises API or web services, they will find our new web app indispensable for in-depth report analysis, route planning, and simulation of what-if scenarios with route comparisons."

While the MileMaker Web App was announced today, the company debuted the application to a small group of customers for beta testing. "The design is very consistent throughout," expressed Pat Diminico, Vice President of IT at Budd Van Lines. "[The application] is clean and easy to read. It's a major improvement over the desktop app." Budd Van Lines is a top relocation services provider in the U.S. with an extensive fleet of vehicles and an award-winning service model. The company leverages MileMaker's technology for lane ratings and contract negotiations.

MileMaker also partners with leading transportation management system (TMS) providers to bring mileage and rating features to its customers for an end-to-end route planning solution.

The announcement comes just months after MileMaker officially separated from Rand McNally, becoming its own entity. The move allows MileMaker to target a niche market and invest additional resources into product advancements. MileMaker continues to partner with Rand McNally to deliver exceptional mapping and routing capabilities with its software solutions.

To learn more about MileMaker's routing, rating, and mileage solutions, contact MileMaker at +1-800-234-4069 or visit milemaker.com

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