July 24, 2023

MileMaker, Powered by Rand McNally, Launches New Version of Mileage and Routing Web Services API

The new version of the web services API debuts a new mapping guide, Guide 20, featuring enhanced routing capabilities, while also supporting the widely used Guide 19.

CHICAGO, July 24, 2023 – MileMaker, a leading provider of commercial transportation routing and mileage software, today announced an addition to their Web Services product line—API Version 2, anew, improved web services API, available for integration with any third-party application.

The new MileMaker API features the addition of Guide 20, a new mapping guide that seamlessly combines MileMaker’s industry-leading mileage and rating services with enhanced commercial truck routing and search capabilities. Providing users with versatility and efficiency, the updated software allows customers to drive transformative outcomes.

MileMaker API Version 2 users can access a multitude of features for planning efficient and precise shipping routes, including traffic-influenced routing to provide more accurate pick-up and delivery times. In addition, users can access truck-specific mileage calculations to negotiate and streamline freight rates, payments, and audits, as well as better forecast freight costs and fuel surcharges.

This update follows the launch of the company’s new Web App, a cloud-based application featuring an intuitive user interface and enhanced routing capabilities. The Web App supports the same Guide 20 that exists in the updated Web Services product.

“This exciting development marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technology to our valued customers,” said John Barrett, Director of Product at MileMaker. “The inclusion of Guide 20 in MileMaker Web Services opens up routing possibilities for freight shippers and carriers. With its advanced set of features, the new version includes enhanced route optimization, traffic-influenced routing, hazmat routing, accurate address geocoding and search, and comprehensive mapping functionalities. This integration empowers organizations to streamline their logistics operations, improve fleet efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure timely and reliable deliveries.”

MileMaker API Version 2 is available for integration with any third-party application, including Transportation Management Systems (TMS). The software is scalable and future-proof, ready to support new features and updates, as well as any additional map versions the company may produce.

The new version adheres to Open API specification, the industry standard for describing RESTful APIs, thus improving developer experience across all programming languages and tools.

Also compliant with OAuth 2.0 authentical and authorization protocol – the industry standard for securing access to APIs – the new web services version ensures consistent and secure access, regardless of third-party application type, including mobile application, single-age web application, or server-side application. MileMaker API Version 2 also features improved scalability and throughput by utilizing the latest cloud technology.

MileMaker’s routing and search algorithms are powered by map data curated by in-house GIS experts, ensuring routes adhere to transportation industry requirements of legal and safe transit for a variety of truck and load configurations. Covering all road networks within the United States, Mexico, and Canada, MileMaker software is capable of reporting accurate tolls in all currencies within the covered region.

The product update is part of a series of updates made by the company after officially separating from Rand McNally, becoming its own entity. The move allows MileMaker to focus its investments and resources on enhancing their product portfolio and improving customer satisfaction.

To learn more about MileMaker’s routing, rating, and mileage solutions, contact MileMaker at +1-800-234-4069 or visit milemaker.com.  

About MileMaker – Chicago-basedMileMaker optimizes shipping routes and mileage through innovative solutions that drive efficiency and reduce costs. With a dedicated team of GIS experts, MileMaker’s software provides over 30% more truck-specific attributes than any other routing software.

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