Delivery Route Optimization for Shippers


Enhance your route planning process.

Optimize your shipping and delivery routes to lower freight shipping costs and streamline your operation.

MileMaker’s route planning solutions provide safe and accurate routes that improve your overall shipping operation. Optimized truck routes based on your business needs ensure the most efficient paths are taken, reducing unnecessary mileage and lowering costs. Plan your routes based on vehicle specifications and load type, quickest trip, shortest distance (HHG), POIs, tolls, and more.

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Freight shipping made easy.

MileMaker mileage and routing software is available in a variety of formats to integrate with your current programs and operating procedures. Select from our easily-accessible web-based solution or our web services API. In addition to ease of use, our software offers several significant benefits for shippers in the logistics and transportation industry, including:
Cost efficiency

By reducing unnecessary mileage and fuel consumption, shippers can lower operational costs and their bottom line.
Time savings

Our software calculates the most time-efficient routes, considering factors like traffic, road conditions, and delivery schedules.
Improved accuracy

Accurate mileage calculations help shippers maintain transparency and accuracy in their operations, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.
Enhanced customer service

With optimized routes, shippers can provide more accurate delivery estimates to customers, enhancing customer service and building trust with clients.
Increased productivity

By streamlining the route planning process, shippers can focus more on core tasks and strategic decision-making, leading to higher business performance.
Compliance and regulations

Our software is designed to consider specific regulatory requirements to help shippers stay compliant and avoid penalties, maintaining a positive reputation in the industry.
Environmental impact

By reducing unnecessary mileage, shippers can contribute to a greener, more sustainable environment, showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly practices.
Data-driven insights

With data analytics and reporting features, shippers can gain valuable insights into their operations and make data-driven decisions to optimize their supply chain.

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